Tour Dates

2024 Tour Dates

August 2-Amici-Madison, GA

August 3-David's 105 Listening Room-Monroe, GA

August 25-Buffington's-Milledgeville

August 30-Fish n' Pig-Macon, GA

September 6-South Main Brewing-Watkinsville, GA

September 21-Cajun Blues-Atlanta, GA

September 26-Loganville Public Safety Day-Loganville, GA

November 22-Billy's Clubhouse-Macon, GA

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January 12-Will Henry's Sugarloaf, Lawrenceville, GA
January 13-Private Event-Loganville, GA

February 2-Amici-Madison, GA*

February 9-Will Henry's Sugarloaf-Lawrenceville, GA

February 10-Slow Pour Brewing-Lawrenceville, GA

February 11-Private Event-John's Creek, GA

March 3-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

March 22-David's 105 Listening Room-Monroe, GA*


April 6-Amici- Macon, GA

April 18-Monroe Town Green Opening Ceremony-Monroe, GA

April 19-South Main Brewing-Watkinsville, GA

May 4-The Social Goat-Covington, GA

May 5-Private Event-Monroe, GA

May 18-Tin Roof Cantina-Atlanta, GA

May 31-Fish n' Pig-Macon, GA

June 9-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA


January 3-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 7-The Outpost -Conyers, GA

January 10-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 13-The Brickhouse-Eatonton, GA

January 15-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

January 17-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 20-Gracie's: A Rooftop Bar-Warner Robins, GA

January 24-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 28-Anderby Brewing-Peachtree Corners, GA

January 31-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 2-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

February 7-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 21-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 25-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

February 28-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 2-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

March 7-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 14-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 21-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 25-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

March 28-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 11-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA


April 14-Tin Roof Cantina-Atlanta, GA


April 15-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

April 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 20-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

April 23-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

April 25-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 2-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 9-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 13-Tin Plate-Social Circle, GA

May 16-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 20-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

May 23-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 30-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 20-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 22-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

June 23-South Main Brewing-Watkinsville, GA

June 27-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

July 14-Nowhere Bar-Athens, GA

July 16-Atlanta Blues Society Monthly Gathering-Atlanta,GA

July 29-Tin Plate-Social Circle, GA

August 5-Slow Pour Brewing Company-Lawrenceville, GA

August 20-Atlanta Blues Challenge-Atlanta, GA

August 27-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

September 28-Public Safety Night-Loganville, GA

September 30-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

October 6-Will Henry's Tavern-Stone Mountain, GA

October 15-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

November 2-Private Event-Monroe, GA

November 4-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

November 10-Will Henry's Sugarloaf-Lawrenceville, GA

November 30-Nowhere Bar-Athens, GA

December 9-Will Henry's Tavern-Stone Mountain, GA

December 16-Tin Plate-Social Circle, GA

December 31-Lucky Day Taco-Covington, GA


January 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 6-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

 January 7-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 11-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 25-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 27-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

February 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 8-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 12-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 15-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 19-Johnny's Pizza-Buford 

February 22-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 3-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

March 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 8-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 15-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 22-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 29-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 31-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

April 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 5-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 12-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 19-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 26-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 28-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

May 3-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 10-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 13-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

May 17-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 24-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 26-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

May 31-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 17-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 18- Tin Plate- Social Circle, GA

April 23-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

June 24-Amici Macon-Macon, GA

June 28-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

July 5-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

July 23-Anderby Brewing-Peachtree Corners, GA

July 26-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

July 28-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

July 23-Anderby Brewing-Peachtree Corners, GA

July 26-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 2-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 6- Tin Plate-Social Circle, GA

August 12-Tin Roof Cantina-Atlanta, GA

August 13-Johnny's Pizza-Buford, GA

August 16-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 18 -Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

August 20-Amici Macon-Macon, GA

August 23-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 30-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 6-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 10--Amici Macon-Macon, GA

September 13-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 15-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

September 20-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 22-Public Safety Night-Loganville, GA

September 27-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 8-Monroe Fall Festival-Monroe, GA

October 11-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 13-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

October 15-The Outpost-Conyers, GA

October 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 22-4-H Harvest Kickoff-Monroe, GA

October 25-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 4-Governor's Bash-Monroe, GA

November 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 10-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

November 15-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 22-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 29-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 4-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

December 6-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 8-Silver Queen- Monroe, GA

December 10-Tin Roof Cantina-Atlanta, GA

December 13-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 20-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 27-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA


    January 5-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

 January 12-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 19-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 26-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

January 28-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

February 2-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 13-Johnny's Pizza-Buford 

February 19-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

February 23-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 2-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 9-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 16-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 23-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

March 30-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 3-Johnny's Pizza-Buford 

April 6-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 10-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA


April 20-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

April 27-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 11-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

May 20-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

May 25-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 8-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 17-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

June 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 22-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

July 10-Amici-Macon, GA

July 13-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

June 15-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

July 20-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA 

July 31-Private Event

August 3-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 7-Amici-Milledgeville, GA

August 12-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

August 17-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 24-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 28-Extral Special People Event-Monroe, GA

August 31-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

Sept 3-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

Sept 11-Private Event

Sept 14-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

Sept 16-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

Sept 21-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

Sept 28-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 5-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 7-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

October 9-Monroe Farmer's Market 9-12

October 9-Private Event

October 12-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 19-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 26-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 30-Private Event

November 2-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 4-Governor's Bicentennial Bash-Monroe, GA

November 5-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 9-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 16-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 23-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 30-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 2-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA


January 18-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA 

January 23-Private Event-Monroe, GA

January  24-Amici-Monroe, GA

January 28- Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

February 1-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA 

February 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

February 7-Amici- Milledgeville, GA

February 11-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

February 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

February 21-Amici-Monroe, GA

February 22-Wild Wing Cafe Jazz Festival- Dunwoody, GA

February 25-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

March 3- Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

March 10- Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

March 17- Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

March 24- Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

March 31- Southern Brewing Company-Monroe ,GA

March 27-Amici-Milledgeville, GA

April 3-Amici-Madison, GA

April 9-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

April 11-Amici-Macon, GA

April 17-Relay For Life-Monroe, GA

April 24-Amici-Monroe, GA

May 1-Gypsy Rose Music-Roswell, GA

May 23-Amici-Macon, GA

June 4-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

July 2-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

July 28-Blind Willie's Blues Club-Atlanta, GA *Postponed

July 30-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

August 4-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 11-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 18-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 25-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

August 29-Amici-Macon, GA

September 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 3-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

September 8-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 15-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 22-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

September 24-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

September 29-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 6-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 8-Private Event- Monroe, GA

October 10-Monroe Fall Festival @ Southern Brewing Company

October 13-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 20-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

October 22-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

October 27-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 3-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 10-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 13-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

                 November 19-Silver Queen-Monroe, GA

November 17-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

November 24-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 1-Southern Brewing Company-Monroe, GA

December 12-Johnny's Pizza-Buford 


January 11-Amici- Monroe, GA

January 24-Private Event-Monroe, GA

January 26-Abbott's- John's Creek, GA

January 24-Private Event-Monroe, GA 

January 31-Private Event-Monroe, GA 

Feb 8-Amici- Monroe, GA 

Feb 9-Meehan's- Sandy Springs, GA

Feb 22-Amici-Milledgeville, GA

March 9-Walton County BBQ Festival-Monroe, GA

March 15-Amici-Monroe, GA 

March 20-The Foundry-Athens, GA w/ Tinsley Ellis and Coco Montoya

March 22-Fat Matt's-Atlanta, GA

March 29-Amici -Madison, GA

April 19-Amici-Monroe, GA

May 11-Monroe Farmer's Market

 May 17-Amici-Monroe, GA

May 18-Meehan's Sandy Springs,GA

May 25- Amici- Macon, GA

June  1-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

June 15- Amici-Madison, GA

June 21-Amici-Monroe, GA

June 22-Amici-Milledgeville, GA

June 29th-Monroe Farmer's Market

July 20-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

July 27--Monroe Farmer's Market

July 28-Private Event-Woodstock,GA

August 9-Private Event-Monroe, GA

August 10-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

August 17--Monroe Farmer's Market

August 17-Amici- Macon, GA

August 23-Amici- Monroe, GA

August 31-Amici-Milledgeville,GA

September 7-Monroe Farmer's Market

September 7-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

September 21-Tucker Brewing Company-Tucker, GA

October 12-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

October 18-Amici-Monroe, GA

October 19-Autumn Fest-Loganville, GA

November 2 -Private Event-Atlanta, GA

November 15-Amici-Madison, GA

November 16-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

December 7-The Cotton Cafe-Monroe, GA (Funky Two-ster)

December 13-Amici-Monroe, GA


January 6th-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

January 20th- The Pointe-Conyers, GA

February 2nd-Amici-Monroe, GA

February 10th-Meehan's-Sandy Springs, GA

February 23rd-The Office Lounge-Athens, GA

March 2nd-Amici-Monroe, GA

March 10th-Walton County BBQ Festival-Monroe, GA

March 31st-Private Event-Atlanta, GA

April 20th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

May 4th-Amici-Monroe, GA

May 5th-Walton Derby-Monroe, GA

May 12th-Monroe Farmer's Market, Opening Day-Monroe, GA

May 20th-Blind Willie's Blues Club-Atlanta, GA 

June 1st-Amici-Monroe, GA

June 9th-Meehan's-Sandy Springs, GA

June 22nd-Amici-Macon, GA 

June 30th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe, GA

June 30th-Loganville 4th of July Fireworks Celebration-Loganville, GA

July 10th-Black Jack's Blues Train on WRFG 89.3  6 AM

July 28th-Meehan's-Sandy Springs, GA

August 11th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe, GA

August 11th-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

August 18th-Abbott's Bar & Grill-John's Creek, GA

August 28th-Blind Willie's Blues Club-Atlanta, GA 

September 8th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe, GA

September 15th-Private Event

September 26th-Private Event

October 5th-Amici-Monroe, GA

October 13th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe, GA

October 19th-Abbott's Bar & Grill-John's Creek, GA

October 20th-Winder Beer Fest-Innovation Amphitheater-Winder, GA

November 2nd-Amici-Monroe, GA

November 16th-The Office-Athens, GA

November 30th-Amici-Madison, GA

December 7th-Amici-Monroe, GA


January 6th-Amici- Monroe, GA

January 20th- The Office Lounge- Athens, GA

February 9th-Chocolate Walk,-Monroe, GA

February 17th-Amici-Monroe,GA

February 25th-Fox Hall-Buena Vista, GA

March 3rd-Old Vinings Inn-Vinings,GA

March 11th-Walton County BBQ Festival-Monroe,GA

March 11th-Buffington's-Milledgeville,GA

March 17th-The Office Lounge-Athens,GA

March 24th-Amici-Monroe,GA

March 30th- Private Event-Monroe,GA

April 14th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

April 21st-Amici-Monroe,GA

May 6th-Walton Derby-Monroe,GA

May 19th-The Office Lounge-Athens,GA

June 2nd-Amici-Monroe,GA

June 8th-Wolf Fest-Northside Tavern, ATL

June 23rd-The Pointe-Conyers,GA

August 4th-Amici- Monroe,GA 8 pm

August 18th-The Pointe-Conyers,GA 9p m

August 26th- Monroe Farmer's Market 9 am

September 1st-Amici-Monroe,GA 8 pm

September 9th- Barbecue Bob Celebration-Walnut Grove-Noon-1 pm

September 16th-Monroe Farmer's Market 9-12

September 22nd-The Pointe-Conyers,GA 9 pm

October 5th- Smith's Olde Bar- Atlanta  11 pm

October 6th-Amici Monroe 8 pm

October 21st-Autumn FEST-Loganville-10 AM

November 2nd- Light Up The Night-Downtown Monroe, GA -5 pm

November 4th-Amici Monroe- 8 pm

November 8th- Hard Rock Cafe-Atlanta- 7:30 pm

November 10th- Buckeye's Getaway-Atlanta, GA 8 pm

November 18th-The Office- Athens, GA 8:30 pm


January 23-Fat Matt's Rib Shack-Atlanta, GA

February 6th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

February 26th-Amici-Monroe, GA

March 4th-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

March 12th- Walton County BBQ Festival-Monroe, GA

March 12th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

March 26th-Kuzans-Suwannee, GA

April 19th- Fat Matt's- Atlanta, GA

April 22nd- Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

April 23rd-The Pointe-Conyers, GA 

April 26th- Fat Matt's- Atlanta,GA

April 29th-Columbia County BBQ Festival- Evans, GA

May 6th-Amici Monroe-Monroe,GA

May 7th- Walton Derby-Monroe, GA

May 27th-Deep South Deli and Pub-McDonough, GA

May 28th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

June 3rd-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

June 4th- Lemon Bee Fest- Conyers, GA

June 24th- Red Brick Brewery, Atlanta, GA

June 25th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe,GA

July 8th-MoonShadow Tavern-Tucker, GA

July 16th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe,GA

July 22 -The Pointe, Conyers, GA

July 23rd- Atlanta Blues Society-Darwin's-Marietta, GA

August 5th- Darwin's- Marietta, GA

August 13th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

August 19th-Fat Matt's Rib Shack- Atlanta, GA

August 27th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe,GA

Sept 3rd-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

September 24th-Monroe Farmer's Market-Monroe,GA

October 14th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

October 19th-Private Event-Monroe,GA

October 22-Madison Farmer's Market, Madison,GA

November 3rd-Light Up the Night-Monroe, GA

November 4th- Deep South Deli- McDonough, GA

November 11th- Amici Monroe-Monroe, GA

November 18th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

December 16th- Buffington's-Milledgeville,GA

December 17th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA


January 24th-The Pointe-Conyers,GA

March 14th-Hitachi Walton County BBQ Festival-Monroe,GA

April 17th- The Pointe-Conyers, GA

May 1st- Columbia County Blues, Brews, & BBQ Festival-Evans,GA

May 2nd-The Walton Derby-Monroe,GA

May 8th- Fat Matt's Rib Shack-Atlanta,GA

May 9th-Buffington's-Milledgeville,GA

May 29th-Monkey's Uncle-Griffin,GA

June 11th-Wolf Fest 2015, Northside Tavern, Atlanta,GA

June 12th- The Pointe-Conyers, GA

June 13th- Monroe Farmer's Market- Monroe, GA

August 7th-The Pointe-Conyers, GA

August 28- Amici-Monroe, GA

September 5th- JereShai Lakeside Music Fest,Milledgeville, GA

September 12th- Monkey's Uncle-Griffin, GA

September 26th-The Pointe, Conyers, GA

September 27th- McDaniel-Tichenor House, Monroe, GA

October 10th- Monroe Fall Fest-Monroe,GA

October 10th- Greenway Concert Series-Milledgeville, GA

October 15th-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

October 17th-The Pointe, Conyers, GA

October 23rd-Fat Matt's Rib Shack, Atlanta

December 4th- Private Engagement-Monroe, GA

December 18th-Buffington's-Milledgeville, GA

December 19th-The Pointe, Conyers, GA

December 20th-Lola's Toy Drive-Northside Tavern, Atlanta


January 24th-American Tavern-Loganville,GA

February 21st--Fat Matt's Rib Shack, Atlanta, GA

March 4th-Private Event-SweetWater Brewery, Atlanta, GA

April 18th- The MoonShadow Tavern, Tucker, GA

May 2nd-Blues, Brews, & BBQ Festival, Augusta, GA

June 21st- Monroe Farmers Market, Monroe, GA

June 27th- Buffington's, Milledgeville, GA

July 25th- Movie at the Mill Festival, Monroe,GA

August 23rd-Private Event-GWA, Monroe, Ga

September 5th-Fat Matt's Rib Shack, Atlanta,GA

September 12th- Porterdale Bar and Grill, Porterdale, GA

October 11th-Monroe Fall Festival, Monroe, GA

October 19th-Blind Willie's- Atlanta Blues Society Meeting-Atlanta,GA

November 8th-10th Annual Grayson Chili Cook Off, Grayson, GA

November 14th-Buffington's, Milledgeville,GA

November 17th-Blind Willie's Blues Club, Atlanta,GA

December 6th-Jackson's on Sinclair, Milledgeville, GA

December 14th-Northside Tavern-Lola's Toy Drive-Atlanta, GA


January 12, 2013-Jackson's on Sinclair, Milledgeville,GA

March 15, 2013- Georgia Walton Academy Gala-The Georgia Club, Statham, GA

March 26, 2013- Private Event-The Georgia Club, Statham, GA

March 30, 2013- Jackson's on Sinclair, Milledgeville,GA

April 12, 2013- Glenda's Bar & Grill, Oxford, GA

May 24th-Fat Matt's Rib Shack, Decatur, GA

June 1st-Private Event-Monroe, GA

June 8th-Monroe Farmers Market -Monroe, GA,

July 20th-Jackson's On Sinclair- Milledgeville, GA,

July 27th-Monroe Farmers Market -Monroe, GA,

August 2nd-Monroe Downtown Summer Concert Series-Monroe, GA,

August 10-The Green Room, Porterdale, GA

August 24th-Monroe Farmers Market -Monroe, GA

August 24th, Private Engagement, Monroe, GA

September 7th-Monroe Farmers Market -Monroe, GA

September 14th-Monroe Farmers Market -Monroe, GA

October 19th, Groovin' on the Green, Loganville, GA,

November 15th- Where There's Smoke BBQ-Monroe,GA

November 16th- Grayson Chili Cook Off- Grayson,GA

December 7th- Hwy 142 Roadhouse-Newborn, GA

December 20th- American Tavern-Loganville,Ga


January 28, 2012-The 40 Watt, Athens, GA

February 18, 2012-The Wayfarer Music Hall, Monroe, GA w/ Dianne Durett

February 25, 2012-Private engagement, Monroe,GA

March 31, 2012-Private engagement, Monroe,Ga

April 7, 2012- The Wayfarer Music Hall w/ Drippin' Wet, Monroe, GA

April 27, 2012- Relay for Life of Walton County, Monroe, GA

May 24, 2012- Concert on the Square, Covington, GA

May 26, 2012-Amici Topside, Monroe, GA 

June 2, 2012- Monroe Golf and Country Club, Monroe, GA

June 16, 2012- Monroe Farmer's Market, Monroe, GA

June 22, 2012-Amici Topside, Monroe, GA

June 23, 2012-Where There's Smoke BBQ, Monroe, GA

June 30, 2012- Monroe Farmer's Market, Monroe, GA

July 14, 2012- Monroe Farmer's Market, Monroe, GA

July 19, 2012-Where There's Smoke BBQ, Monroe, GA

July 28, 2012- Monroe Farmer's Market, Monroe, GA

August 3, 2012- Amici Topside, Monroe, GA

August 16, 2012-Where There's Smoke BBQ, Monroe, GA

August 18, 2012- Private engagement, Monroe, GA

September 1, 2012-Private engagement, Monroe, GA

September 20, 2012-Where There's Smoke BBQ, Monroe, GA

September 22, 2012- Monroe Farmer's Market, Monroe, GA

October 5th, 2012-Amici Topside, Monroe, GA

October 20, 2012- Loganville Autumn Heritage Festival, Loganville,GA

October 20, 2012-Monroe Fall Fest, Monroe, GA

November23, 2012-Amici Topside, Monroe, GA


April 17, 2011-WCC, Private engagement

July 30, 2011-Private engagement, Monroe,GA

August 26, 2011-The Getaway, Chamblee,GA

October 23, 2011-Private engagement, Monroe,GA

November 4, 2011-The Getaway, Chamblee,GA

December 17, 2011-The Wayfarer Music Hall, Monroe, GA w/Red Zeppelin